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Invision Optometric Center has been serving the eyecare and eyewear needs of the Los Angeles area since 1985.

We are committed to providing superior optical and optometry services while also offering the widest selection of fine eyewear found in Southern California.

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Invision's optometry services are provided by eyecare specialists dedicated to providing the highest quality of personalized vision improvement and eye health care for patients of all ages.

With decades of professional experience Invision Optometric's optometrist has conducted thousands of eye examinations for patients across the country.

The eye doctor provides comprehensive eye exams (including tests of peripheral vision, depth perception, neurological function, eye muscle movement, glaucoma evaluation, and dilation), contact lens fittings of all types, and co-management for laser and cataract surgeries.

Invision Optometric's optometrist also treats and manages eyecare emergencies such as red eye and foreign body removal.